House of Twenty

Over the last few months, I’ve found a few vintage furniture shops in London that are great – amazing quality and good prices. While normally I try to limit how many people I pass these finds on to (I hate competition and like keeping them my little secret), this one really impressed me, and it felt selfish not to share. So I thought I’d take a quick break from filling the many, many holes in the bathroom and do a quick post on the ladies at House of Twenty. (Those of you reading this from outside London can also find them here on eBay)

This shop has shipments arriving regularly from overseas. What’s more, part of the reason the furniture comes in such good condition is that the ladies have a workshop where they restore and refinish pieces that need a bit of love and care. Their touch is light, and the updates all appear to be in keeping with the mid-century modern feel. We picked up this proud little chair for our living room: DSC_0084

I love the colour of the wood, and how seamlessly he blends with our other pieces. He’s also the perfect size – big enough to be super comfy but small enough that he doesn’t overpower the wall. Plus the fabric ties really nicely with the upholstery on our other chairs – a white / creamy tweed. Liam had fun getting him home. If you don’t feel like walking across town, they do a nice delivery service too. 🙂

So if you’re in the market for something unique with a bit of character, definitely check these guys out. We’ll certainly be going back when we know what we want for our spare room. That’s my break over – back to our bathroom project. Any sources you’ve found that you feel like sharing? Just drop them in the comments box below!


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