Apartment Therapy January Cure

I think Apartment Therapy is one of the things that helped re-ignite my love for homes and interiors. (Thanks guys!) I especially love that the site features small, real places as well as beautiful gigantic homes. If you haven’t discovered it yet, take a minute and take a look!

Last year I followed the January Cure (a month-long challenge to help get you organised for the year), but since I knew we were looking to buy a place I only joined in on a few of the projects.

This year, I’m definitely doing the full ‘cure’. While part of me feels like our home is in pretty good condition because of all the work we’ve done since we moved in, I know there’s room for improvement. So here’s my list of things to accomplish in January on top of the tasks that they set out each day (if you’re interested, you can download the PDF here or sign up on the website to receive a daily email).



  • Complete photo wall so that it runs all the way back to the guest room
  • Find a bright and colorful runner for the floor (buy in February)
  • Create a landing dock – ideally with charging stations so that we can finally leave our phones out of the bedroom
  • Hoover welcome mat

Living Room:

live-style.co.uk live-style.co.uk


  • Re-organise and dust bookcase – especially relocating keys, etc to the new landing dock
  • Move around the art – now that the sofa has arrived, things feel out of balance
  • Discard and replace candles that are finished
  • Mop / polish wood floors
  • Find throw pillows for the new sofa (another February purchase)
  • Find a new seasonal decoration to fill the bowl on the coffee table, and the centre of the dining table


We’ve already done our annual clear out (it always happens after our yearly post-Christmas shopping day) and donated one big bag of clothes to charity. Liam also dropped 9 shirts off at the dry-cleaners down the road, so we’re a bit ahead of the game here.

What’s left to do:

  • Hoover under the bed. With two Norwegian Forest Cats, fur gets EVERYWHERE. Even though we already vacuum twice a week, it’s time for a deep clean.
  • Wash the linens that are folded in Ollie’s basket. They are also covered in fur.
  • Update photo – we’ve actually done a lot to this room already, I just haven’t shared it here. So time to rectify that.



  • Finish grouting the tiles
  • Smooth out plaster
  • Mop floors
  • Get rid of products that are out of date; store products that are only used rarely
  • Find art (this is the one room that doesn’t have anything in it yet)

Guest room:


  • Replace plastic boxes on our shelving unit with pretty storage containers (and take photo to show before and after)
  • Donate plastic cat carriers to the rescue home down the road and replace with collapsable ones that stow away
  • Find some fun things to put on the shelves
  • Buy four more LPs and frames to add to the wall
  • Replace bare bulb with the Hector pendant light (or get someone to come out and do it)



This room is just getting a deep clean (fridge, oven and microwave included). I don’t want to spend anymore time or money on it, as we’re hopefully going to replace it very soon. But in the meantime, I might splash out on some new coffee mugs and a good tidy never hurts.

I’ll be updating on my progress over the course of the month – if anyone else is taking part, feel free to drop a link to your site into the comments. I’d love to see what you’re up to.


3 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy January Cure

  1. Ok, let me just say that I kind of found this depressing, as I am continually impressed by your amazing organization and lack of clutter. That being said, I think January is a great time to work on organization regardless of the current condition of your house! We are doing major closet overhauls as we restore our Christmas decorations. I got some cool kitchen stuff for Christmas, so it is on my list to completely reorganize my cupboards and get rid of anything that is unused or just old and junky. I love seeing your home evolve, the changes have been wonderful!

    1. Don’t be too upset – I only live with one other person and he happens to like cleaning and organising more than Martha Stewart! 😉 been up to lots of things today – more changes to come, but glad you like the ones we’ve made so far. Xx

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