Apartment Therapy’s January Cure: Better late than never…

If you guys have been reading along, you might remember my very ambitious start to January – joining Apartment Therapy’s January Cure (see the original post here). While we started off strong, our day jobs got in the way and we found ourselves playing catch up in February. To be fair, as you’ll see in the first post, some of the things we agreed to ‘find in Jan, finish in Feb’, just so we could pay cash for a few final purchases that would help us kick things into uber-organised gear. Well – we finally got around to finding and funding them, and I thought I’d give a little run down on what we’ve been up to.

The Hallway:

Task 1: Create a landing pad
I’m infamous for leaving my keys in random places, and Liam hates having shoes under the bed. So our compromise was finding a unit for the hallway that could house a few additional kicks and help us get out the door with our keys in hand. The challenge: finding a unit that was less than 30cm wide so that it matched up with the wall where the hallway narrows towards the back. Mission accomplished, thanks to a white Bissa unit from Ikea. Now we both just need to train ourselves to remember where the keys live! live-style.co.uk

live-style.co.ukTask 2: Find a fun runner
I love a bit of colour, and at the moment we’re delivering that through bright textiles and artwork while keeping the walls a clean white. I always knew I wanted something uplifting and textured to welcome us home, but just hadn’t been able to find it. Until Habitat launched their ‘Spring Zing’ range. We dropped in on Saturday and walked out with this beauty. The cats love it as much as we do, and spent most of today sat on it.

Habitat Coates Runner
Habitat Coates Runner

Task 3: Finish the photo wall
This was a fun one, and we even managed a final art move this weekend. Every time I walk past it, I smile so it was definitely a job worth doing.

I think we can finally call the hallway finished. That is, until I get tired of the photos and swap new ones into the frames. But that’s the great thing about these photo walls – they are easy to refresh for nearly no money.

The Back Room:

Task 1: Get some cute storage for our shelving to replace the plastic bins
Some more Ikea magic, two collapsable cat carriers ordered and stored under the bed, two non-collapsable cat carriers donated, and our back room is finally looking more like a room and less like an over-sized storage cupboard. We even found a clock and a new rug for it (the old one was cute, but a serious magnet for dust and cat fur, and impossible to clean. At £20 I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but it had to go).

Task 2: Paint the built-in water cupboard
Liam finally bit the bullet and got tired of looking at the raw plywood that the previous owners used to hide the water mains and picked up the paintbrush.  Now the same color as the walls, it feels more like a little built-in bench / shelf. Once I find some cushions, no one will ever know that it’s housing all our water mains. Well – except anyone who reads this, I suppose.

Task 3: Hang our pendant
We still need to get someone out to do this, but I want to coincide it with getting someone to quote for our kitchen. So it’s on hold, but soon to be tackled as you’ll see later in this post.

Photos to come, but at the moment the room is in a bit of uproar because of painting. So you’ll just have to check back. 🙂

The Bathroom: 

Task 1: Hang a small shelf above the door
This wasn’t technically on the January Cure list, but it was part of making the room feel more functional and finished. It also helped add some color to the otherwise VERY WHITE room. We also managed to hang some art, sort our toiletries, and do a general tidy. I might celebrate by replacing our ancient towels next month. Photos to come, but this was definitely an easy fix for our little space.

Task 2: Smooth out the plaster
When we removed the wallpaper from the bathroom, it took some (LOTS!) of the drywall along with it. It was my first real attempt at covering some pretty major holes, and let’s just say that my skills have gone from appallingly low to pretty decent.  So today, I finally got my spackle, skimming plaster and sandpaper back out and tried to fix some of the real eye sores. It’s already looking so much better, and Mr Hamill is giving it all a fresh lick of paint as we speak.

We also ticked off the grouting over Christmas, so while the room isn’t 100% perfect it is definitely liveable now and will be until we decide to pay someone to come, gut the thing and start from scratch. Just seeing our organised shelf makes me happy.


And the rest…

The living room got a new little piece of furniture to house our TV, dvds and all the wires. We’ve reshuffled artwork a zillion times and also brought a little side table back in. And I treated the couch to some new pillows and a new throw. This room is where we spend 90% of the time we’re not sleeping, and we finally feel like it might be the way we want it. At least, we’re not staring at things that we need to change immediately, so that’s a huge improvement.

live-style.co.uk live-style.co.uk

The bedroom has been deep cleaned and everything that now lives under the bed is in an air-tight storage bin to keep the dust and cat fur away. All shoes have a proper home, and we even added a bit of new art to the walls. Remember this article on Art of Sport? Well, our two prints arrived and are now happily hanging across from our bed, and above our dresser so that we see them every day. We adore them – thanks guys! live-style.co.uk

Just a little reminder – if you want 10% off their fab prints, all Live-Style readers have until the end of February to order. Just head to artofsportstore.com and enter LiveStyleDiscount at the checkout!

Finally – our kitchen. We’ve decided to start collecting quotes from builders so that we know just how much it’s going to cost us. We can’t wait to get going, as it’s definitely the last but biggest project that we’ll be undertaking to make this place truly feel like our home. As I sit on the couch writing this, I’m thinking about how much I’ll love to look left and see a fully functioning room I can be proud of, rather than doorless cupboards, an ancient oven that has to be manually lit every time we use it, and tired sage-green walls.

So as they say, better late than never. I can’t believe we’ve actually managed to get everything done before March arrived. But the house is feeling fresh, clean and ready to take on the rest of 2014.

Did anyone else set themselves some big goals in January? Any other projects that you’ve finished off this weekend? Send them my way.

Wishing everyone a very happy and restful Sunday.


1 thought on “Apartment Therapy’s January Cure: Better late than never…

  1. Love the new throw pillows! What a great pop of color!

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