West Elm London

I finally found time to check out the new West Elm store on Tottenham Court Road, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Everything in the shop has a great, contemporary feel with just enough character to look unique. I also love the way the shop is collaborating with local artists. The walls were filled with Etsy finds, and the marketplace featured other fun small food and drink brands that you wouldn’t find everywhere. This will be my go-to shop for gifts (to friends AND to myself) moving forward.

If I didn’t already have a rocking chair, this gorgeous thing would certainly be on my list.

West Elm James Harrison Rocker
West Elm James Harrison Rocker

I managed to snap a few photos of fun things that caught my eye as I walked around, like this chevron mirror, casually leaning against the wall.


The bright and cheery design of this tea brand made me smile, and I would love a few boxes of this on our open shelving in the kitchen.


These candles smelled divine, and I love the way they’ve re-used wine bottles as holders.   live-style.co.uk

I even managed to pick up some Christmas stockings for next year at 75% off. 2014 will be our first year with proper Christmas stockings (I guess it’s about time).


I’m really excited that this little Brooklyn gem has made its way across the pond, and look forward to seeing what the spring collections brings. If you get a chance, it’s more than worth a wander off Oxford Street to visit.



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