Aram Store

Today I ended up in the new Aram showroom. The place is stunning. An immense warehouse conversion on Drury Lane, the light and airy space is filled with amazing finds from old and new designers. Each floor offers a different collection of modernist furniture, but arranged to welcome you in, as if it were someone’s amazing flat in the heart of London. Eames mixes perfectly with Eileen Gray, and storage solutions like the Melody Bookcase are more like decorations in their own right.

Melody Bookcase

The top floor is a gallery space, featuring prototypes from up and coming talents, and the basement focuses on contracts with architects and large scale interiors like restaurants, but is fun to snoop around as well.

I could have walked out with many items, but a few special finds caught my eye. The Wobble Chess Set would make an amazing gift for any aficionado in your life (sadly I’ve never mastered chess; maybe I will in retirement).

Wobble Chess Set

The Eley Kishimoto rugs were fabulously soft with a playful twist. My favourite was Chains in blue.

While the pieces are definitely pricey, the aesthetic is warm and welcoming and the quality is unbelievable. Anything purchased from here would certainly qualify as an ‘investment piece’ that you could pass onto the next generation.

If you’re wandering around Covent Garden and need a break from the touristy hustle and bustle, pop in and have a look around. Even if you walk out empty handed, you’re sure to have a head full of fresh, modern ideas thanks to Zeev Aram and his immaculately curated space.

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